Sale of restaurant, 100 seats, Frýdek

The location provided ad is street.
Price price with a broker
Note including equipment; price to negotiate
City Frýdek-Místek
Street Nové Dvory-Hlíny
Information about the property
Order number 0609
Date 28.11.2018
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Petr Adamec

+420 558 431 236
+420 734 443 631


HELIX REALITY offers restaurant for sale, interior is decorated in Asian style, Frýdek uptown. Wooden building, interior was completely reconstructed. Restaurant has 100 seats, a fireplace and bar. Lounge/karaoke room has 30 seats. built-up area and courtyard 564 m2, garden + other area 2 278 m2. Own parking place in front of the restaurant. Upstairs there is an apartment. It can be rented including all restaurant equipment and kitchen equipment. Heating: electric heaters , fireplace, air-conditioner. Water: municipal water connection, hot water is provided by an electric boiler and solar collectors. Sewerage: cesspool. Gas: no gas connection; gas cylinders are used for cooking. Currently the majority of customers (80%) are Koreans. Suitable also for running Chinese or Vietnamese restaurant. For more information contact your broker. Available immediately.

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