Our services

Establishment of the company: September 2007

Founders and executives of the company: Petr Adamec, Štefan Fördös

The company's focus: foreign companies and their employees in middle and TOP management positions, for which we have mainly provided above-standard housing since the beginning; We currently provide comprehensive real estate services with the main focus on residential real estate

Scope: mainly the district of Frýdek-Místek and Ostrava město, but we can sell your property anywhere in the Czech Republic

Team: Petr Adamec - in real estate since 2007, Štefan Fördös - in real estate since 2007, Ing. Jana Čižmárová - in real estate since 2007, René Di-Giusto - in real estate since 2008; we are a stable team - we have all been employees of HELIX REALITY CZ s.r.o.

What we have achieved: from its inception until September 2021, we have in our portfolio more than 100 foreign companies and individuals to whom we have mediated the sale or lease of an apartment, house, land, or commercial real estate and with whom we continue to work closely. We have created a stable portfolio of clients who repeatedly trade their properties through us or recommend us to their acquaintances or family members; since 2007, we have successfully traded hundreds of our client's properties; our brokers are currently working mainly on recommendations

Acknowledgments: the fact that foreign clients keep coming back to us and even local property owners have been cooperating with us continuously since the establishment of HELIX REALITY CZ s.r.o., is the best reference for us, which we proudly consider! And thank you very much for this favor.

Our expansion: in 2015, a second company was established - HELIX RENTING s.r.o., which cooperates very closely with HELIX REALITY CZ s.r.o .; focuses mainly on residential real estate rentals and property management for investors.

For how much:
Our commission for arranging the sale of an apartment, house, land, commercial, or other real estate is 3.9% of the sale price, but at least CZK 39,000. As part of the commission, you can use the preparation of the purchase contract by a lawyer and the lawyer's safekeeping of the purchase price.

For rent, we charge interested parties (tenants) a commission for mediation in the amount of one month's rent.
We charge the landlord a one-time fee for services beyond the normal rental mediation, in the amount of half of the agreed rent, which includes, in particular, the following services:

- at least equal to the fair market value at the time
- preparation of a Czech-English contract for the lease of an apartment, house, or commercial real estate, if necessary,
- assistance during the entire lease period in communication between the landlord and the tenant,
- in cooperation with the landlord, we solve any problems that arise during the entire rental period,
- upon the termination of the contract, we prefer to occupy the apartment or house with another tenant,
- if the contract is terminated before the expiration of 12 months, we do not charge the landlord any for the first tenant for the first year
- We not only advertise the apartments and houses of our clients on the largest real estate servers, but above all, we actively offer them directly foreign clients

All our prices are without VAT. HELIX REALITY CZ s.r.o. is a statutory payer of value-added tax, which amounts to 21%.